Why Mediate?

For many years in our society we have been bombarded by “so called legal experts” encouraging us to solve our issues by going through the court system or hiring an attorney. Unfortunately, while your interest may be in solving the problem, this traditional method encourages an adversarial relationship and hostile environment. If you want to have an active part in developing a court recognized solution to your unique situation, working with a facilitative mediator is for you! Although the practice of mediation has existed for hundreds of years, many people are unaware of the many benefits that this process can offer over “traditional” litigation in nearly any form of dispute.

Mediation Fees

Half-day session—$350 per participant or party
Six-hour session—$450 per participant or party
Full-day session—$500 per participant or party
Two-hour session—$75 per participant or party
Additional cost per hour if extension of a mediation session is agreed upon by all participants—$50 per participant or party, due the day of mediation.

Please call or email regarding rates for mediations exceeding three parties, as rates may be negotiable depending upon the nature and complexity of the matter involved.
When mediation is scheduled, a $75 nonrefundable fee is due from each participant or party upon receipt of invoice. This fee applies toward the total mediation fee. The balance of the total fee is due two weeks prior to the date of mediation. If mediation is canceled or rescheduled three or four business days prior to the mediation date, a $200 late cancellation fee will be due from the party or parties canceling or rescheduling the mediation.

A “party” could include more than one person if participants share the same attorney.



Chief Davis expertise in promoting parties working together towards a common solution which levels the playing field, whether one party is Pro-Se and the other party is represented by an attorney Chief Davis eliminates the power imbalance.

Chief Davis understands that you should be in control of your mediated resolution. By working together, with our mediators, developing a tailored solution is possible!